Welcome to our Camp Happenings!

Camp Weeks

Please click on the week your child is attending for live updates about their experience.

Week 1: ESM 5th Grade

Week 2: Verplanck and Kinsella 5th Grade

Week 3: Bennet Academy and ESM 6th Grade

Week 3: Bennet Academy and Scotland 6th Grade

Week 4: Sanchez and Langford 5th Grade

Week 5: Noah Webster and GEHMS 5th Grade

Week 6: O’Connell and Emerson Williams Elementary 5th Grade

Week 7: Bennet Academy and Kinsella 6th Grade

Week 8: Noah Webster 6th Grade

Week 9: Keeney and Washington 5th Grade



The Discovery Center is an award winning diversity program in Connecticut.  Founded by Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Newman in 1992, The Discovery Center brings 4th, 5th & 6th grade students from urban centers and surrounding suburban/rural schools together for a diversity and teambuilding experience along with a math, science and language arts curriculum. The same students participate in the program from the 4th grade to the 6th grade. The program takes place during the academic year as a field trip for students providing a residential experience at YMCA Camp Woodstock in Woodstock, CT. Since 2002, over ten thousand students have participated in the program.



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