Monday –

The first day of camp at The Discovery Center is always exciting! We were happy to welcome the students from the Environmental Sciences Magnet at Mary Hooker today. We started off the day with an Opening Ceremony designed to get students familiar with The Discovery Center and the rules and expectations here. We all enjoyed lunch (salad, grilled cheese, “pizza” soup, and fruit) before splitting off into our teams for some team-building activities.

The afternoon was filled with fun and learning as students experienced their first round of academic lessons. Each group will rotate through a series of interactive and engaging academic lessons in the time they are here at The Discovery Center.

Today’s academic lesson spotlight:

Medusa and Perseus: In this language arts lesson, students explore the Greek myth of Medusa and Persues using the dramatic arts. In small groups they are able to discuss, plan, create, and perform short role-play skits. Through this exercise they are able to explore the concepts of not judging a book by its cover as well as getting to know the full story, before making judgments about an individual.


After the first academic lesson, students had an opportunity to learn about the concept of ‘culture’ and shared some things about themselves and some of the cultures to which they belong.

After eating dinner (salad, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and rolls) we got settled into our cabins and created a Cabin Constitution. We had just enough energy for a quick outdoor activity (involving glow sticks!) before it was time to get ready for bed. Everyone has a 5 minute shower here at The Discovery Center and just like that, our first day of camp was done!


P1060741 P1060747 P1060749 P1060751  P1060768 P1060772 P1060773

Group Photo (1 group photo)


We’re all so excited to be at The Discovery Center!


4 thoughts on “Monday!

  1. Carol Fellenstein

    So VERY PROUD of all the students at discovery camp! The students from OC AND WILLIAMS ARE OUTSTANDING!
    It has been a true privilege to be with all the students and staff this week! We made some amazing memories this week!

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