Tuesday –

The weather here at The Discovery Center could not be better! The morning air was a bit cool, but by the afternoon the sun had us all nice and warm. After breakfast (French toast, sausage, cereal, yogurt and fruit) we began getting our minds warmed up with an inspiring story and thought for the day in our Morning Congress and then we get our bodies warmed up with some Morning Aerobics. Next, students rotated through 2 rounds of academic lessons before lunch.

Today’s academic lesson spotlight:

Progressive City Planners: Working together in small groups, students get to design and create a simulated city. Students must identifying where they would like to place the grocery stores, shopping centers and major roadways as well as jails, garbage dumps, polluting businesses and so on. Students explore the concepts of social justice and environmental racism: when certain groups of people, based on the color of their skin and the amount of money they have, live in polluted and toxic areas that can be harmful to their health.



Another delicious lunch (vegetarian soup, salad, cheeseburgers, chips, and fruit) and students returned to their cabins for a little rest and relaxation—it’s amazing how tired we can get after just one day!


After lunch, some groups climbed the Tower while others explored the Low Ropes/ Challenge activities. Students learned how important it is to use encouraging words and support one another when overcoming difficult situations. All students also participated in a Diversity activity designed to help us recognize and appreciate our differences and similarities.





We all came together in the Dining Hall for dinner (salad, spaghetti, meatball, and dinner rolls) and did a little dancing afterwards. Our evening activity was an Owl Prowl where students learned about the different types of owls that live out here in Woodstock, CT and went on a short hike to look for owls, nests, and owl pellets. Next, we had a chance to dissect some owl pellets and determine what kind of prey the owls had eaten based on the contents of each pellet.

After showers and some quiet cabin activities it was time for lights out. We are really looking forward to tomorrow!






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